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About our GP Tuition

A comprehensive learning programme for JC students by generalpaper.com.sg.

GP Tuition is established by experienced JC GP Tutor Simon Ng of generalpaper.com.sg. Students will be taught the essential thinking and writing techniques to streamline their study methods for General Paper and effectively prepare them for their GCE A Level General Paper examinations. More importantly, the tuition programme features exam-driven class practices for GP Comprehension and Essay questions.

We apologize for not providing for free a trial class anymore but would like to offer you a free GP digital Study Magazine when you signed up for a paid trial class kindly contect Simon@96890510.

GP Skills Development Workshop for June Holidays

It is the right time to start your preparation for GCE A level or J1 promo examination as you have only 25 to 30 lessons till the major examination. Join our GP skills development workshop and revision programme and you will get a good headstart on this journey to academic excellence.You will be given a very structured, effectively guided and content rich learning process.

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Benefits of the Programme

Our programme offers many learning advantages that will ensure that you can achieve academic excellence. The programme provides a holistic learning experience that helps you to prepare well for essay writing and comprehension with materials, skills development and exam-oriented study of the GCE A level examination.

GP Tuition


We imbue Essay Writing Skills and Comprehension Answering Techniques in our students to cultivate their intellectual acumen to develop logical thinking, write expressively and answer correctly to the GCE A level requirements.

GP Tuition


We raise students’ level of proficiency and competency through regular class practices, assignments and timed practices. Students are also given additional optional practices to encourage them to practice independently. Students can clarify their doubts and raise questions with ease with the tutor 24/7.

GP Tuition

Exam-oriented (study on on GCE A level questions)

It is an examination after all. Be well prepared with our spotted questions. Study in an efficient way with well-written materials. We nurture students to be ready for Grade A for examination as will coach you about the changes in the way essays and how comprehension is set to be well versed with the requirements of the examination.

Types of Programmes

GP Tuition

Online or Physical Group Tuition

At generalpaper.com.sg, students have the option of attending either the online or physical class. The online class will be conducted online via a live streaming feature while the physical class will be conducted at our centre. Students will be able to engage in meaningful roundtable discussions with the tutor and peers in a group setting. Learn more about how our lessons are taught on a topical basis and the resources and learning tools we provide.

GP Tuition

Individual Tuition

Receive undivided attention, customised tutoring and flexible timings during individual tuitions. The lesson pace and learning plans will be customized according to students’ learning needs. The one-on-one tutoring sessions will include resources and activities such as content discussions, ample assignments and regular timed practices.

GP Tuition Online

  • In-house live streaming sessions
  • Engage in meaningful online discussions
  • Receive online worksheets and learning resources through our digital learning tools
  • Receive close guidance and teaching

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Why Join Our GP Tuition Online?

GP Tuition
Content Teaching

For content teaching, thematic issues will be covered by having Flipside Discussion, such as examining the problems faced by youths in this modern era. Students will be trained to become a proficient writer through reviewing GCE A level and Prelim model essays and comprehension discussion. Classroom discussion and review will be complemented with informative thematic videos and useful facts and figures.

GP Tuition
Make Learning Productive with Good Notes @ Media Library

GP Practice Lab is a virtual classroom that has learning features which equips students with the important skills of thinking and writing processes systematically. These digital tools will help students improve on their essay writing and comprehension answering skills.

GP Tuition
Good Analysis and Application of Knowledge

GP Practice Lab is a virtual classroom that has learning features which equips students with the important skills of thinking and writing processes systematically. These digital tools will help students improve on their essay writing and comprehension answering skills.

GP Study Magazine App

A well structured GP Tuition programme with a GP Study Magazine Apps.

Our GP Study Magazine Apps will provide you extensive knowledge on content enrichment, infographic content, gp video practices and GP facts and figures. There is also a review of some gp essays and comprehension discussion that would be helpful. SIgn up for trail class and get this apps free.

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